HydroShield Maintenance Instructions

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Maintaining HydroShield on your glass, granite, porcelain & ceramic tile surfaces

At least once a week, use a clean cotton towel to simply wipe the surface clean. We recommend using HydroShield Glass Cleaner or Denatured or Isopropyl alcohol, along with a quick buff with a soft cotton cloth, which will make your surfaces sparkle. Occasionally, dirt may build up and require a light scrub with a WHITE 3M or “Dobie” pad and “cook top” cleaner. Each of these cleaning methods is safe for your HydroShield protected surface. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads other than a WHITE 3M pad or a Teflon safe scrubby. Use the “cook top” cleaner with one of the scrubbies listed above 3-4 times per year on the shower glass & inside of toilet bowl to remove any buildup (dump water into bowl to get water level down for easier scrubbing WITH “Dobie” pad & “cook top” cleaner).

Toilets: Use mild soap cleaners and toilet bowl brush for weekly cleaning. Do not use toilet bowl cleaner.

For sandblasted glass: ONLY use a micro-fiber towel along with the soap mixture on the sandblasted surface.

Marble/Travertine/Slate & other natural stone surfaces: Simply mop or wipe down with any mild soap & water mix.

Below is a partial list of cleaners safe for use on sealed surfaces:

  • HydroShield Glass Cleaner
  • Isopropyl Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol (dilute with distilled water to cut down the smell)
  • Glass stovetop cleaner. (paste) (We recommend “cook top” cleaner available at Sears.)
  • Lysol Disinfectant spray (not cleaner)
  • Ammonia (Diluted to 15%)
  • Simple Green (Including Simple Green D)
  • Many over the counter cleaners are safe but not necessary. Read all product labels to check for harmful acids

Harsh and Expensive Cleaning solutions Are No Longer Needed

Many products available through suppliers and on supermarket and hardware shelves contain acids that can harm interior and exterior building surfaces, as well as the environment. Some products may have health and bodily contact warnings on the label as well. Products that include acids are designed to, among other tasks, extract minerals and dirt from surface pores, fractures or crevices. Surfaces coated with HydroShield do not require harsh cleaning solutions or methods. Any product that includes any acids or a combination of any acids will void your warranty.
Read all product labels carefully!

Below is a partial list of ingredients NOT safe for use on sealed surfaces:

  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Lye
  • Nitric Acid
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Any Cleaners with acidic Attributes – including Citric Acid

What to expect with HydroShield

HydroShield protected surfaces still get dirty. Any dirt, dust or other agents that normally causes a surface to get dirty will continue to make that surface dirty. The HydroShield surface is up to 75% easier to clean; the dirt and grime no longer penetrate the surface, but sit on top of the HydroShield coating. Surfaces such as shower glass will stay cleaner much longer than before. HydroShield protects the natural beauty, clarity and luster of glass, granite, and ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

Grout Color Seal Maintenance Instructions

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  1. Always vacuum your entire tile floor thoroughly to remove all the loose dirt and dust before wet cleaning outlined in the following paragraphs. Neutral or mild cleaners are all that is necessary to effectively clean tile and now that your grout has been sealed with Color Seal the same is true. We recommend buying an inexpensive concentrated window cleaner, dilute 1/2 cup with about 1 gallon of warm water or as directed on the label.
  2. Apply cleaner to floor generously with a mop, for walls spray on, allow to stand on floor 3 to 4 minutes (no scrubbing), this will allow cleaner to emulsify and loosen any dirt and oils on your floor or walls.
  3. Take a common Swiffer mop covered with a clean dry terry cloth washcloth rather than the cloths that actually come with the Swiffer and dry the floor changing the terry cloth often. For walls simply wipe with towel.
  4. The final step is to dry the grout lines with the Swiffer and a clean dry terry cloth washcloth. Liquids settle in the grout lines because they are slightly lower. To prevent the now dirty cleaner that you are drying off your tile from drying in the grout lines and leaving a dirty residue on the Color Seal the final step must be to dry the grout line to complete the cleaning process and keeping your grout looking like it did when our Technicians completed our process to your grout. Remember cleaning fluid evaporates but dirt does not.

As time passes should your grout begin looking dirty with uneven color in high traffic area try this easy test. First, pour a small amount of undiluted Maintenance Cleaner or an undiluted window cleaner on 2 or 3 inches of a grout line in that high traffic area. Second, allow the cleaner to stand on that grout line for 3 to 4 minutes, give it a light scrub with a soft nylon brush. And finally, with a clean cloth or even a paper towel wipe up the cleaner. You will see dirt on the cloth or towel and the grout line will be clean again. This is a maintenance issue that can be corrected by cleaning the grout as described in the above paragraphs 1. through 4. using a slightly stronger dilution of the cleaner.

If interested Clear View Surface Solutions offers a bi-yearly or yearly maintenance service to help maintain your grout and surfaces protected by us.


Click here to download printable instructions

What to expect of sealed surfaces

Protected surfaces still get dirty. Any dirt, dust or other agents that normally cause a surface to get dirty will continue to make that surface dirty. The protected surface 75% – 85% easier to clean; the dirt and grime no longer penetrate the surface, but sit on top of the protected surface. Surfaces stay cleaner much longer than before. Please refer to care sheet on how to maintain your sealed surfaces. Our sealants protect the natural beauty, clarity and luster of glass, granite, natural stone, grout, ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

HydroShield (HSP, HSPE & HSG) Warranty:
Surfaces sealed are guaranteed to provide a hydrophobic (water-repellent) barrier that will allow treated surface to help resist staining from minerals, dirt, oils and from assorted products and normal contaminates.  No sealer including ours will protect from acid etching. Please follow the care on your care tip sheet. HydroShield is warranted to protect surfaces – 3 yrs. on Toilets, sinks, Marble Travertine Limestone and slate – 5 yrs. on Shower glass, porcelain and ceramic tile – 10 yrs. on Granite – unless noted otherwise (when following our care instructions).  Please contact us if you did not receive care instructions.

Grout Color Seal “GCS” WARRANTY:
10-year warranty on old existing grout and 15 years on new grout (unless noted otherwise). The warranty covers any type of staining that may occur as well as the repair of any areas that show excessive ware. We will reseal any and all sections of original grout that yellows, fades, or absorbs dirt, filth, mold or mildew through the “GCS” Color Seal (when following our care instructions). Please contact us if you did not receive care instructions.

If protected surface suffers adverse effects during the warranted period, Clear View Surface Solutions, Inc. must be contacted to inspect and determine cause of damage within 30 days of concern. After inspection if it is determined that it is a failure of product, Clear View Surface Solutions, Inc. will at their option, either refund the original purchase price of the application of affected area only or attempt to restore the damaged area and at their option re-coat the applicable surface at Clear View Surface Solutions’ expense.

Our Warranty DOES NOT cover dirt that accumulates on the sealer nor actual removal of the surface.

Grout and Silicone does not come with a warranty


Warranty Transfer: This warranty is transferrable to new homeowner within the stated warranty period. The original homeowner needs to provide new homeowner the required maintenance/care tips sheet (s) and copy of invoice and the new homeowner needs to contact Clear View Surface Solutions, Inc. within 30 days of purchase of home.