Advanced Coating Solutions for
Garage Floors and More…

Protect and Beautify your Concrete with
State-of-the-art Valence Protective Coatings

From garage floors to patios, sidewalks, driveways, basements, porches, and pool decks, we specialize in adding beauty and durability to all types of concrete surfaces. We offer a range of advanced products to protect your investment, helping make your concrete resistant to abrasion and chemicals – plus our coatings are slip-resistant and easy to clean. Our covalent flake system not only protects from future wear and tear, it also beautifies and adds value to your property.

You’ll love the results that will last for years to come!

Distinctive, One-of-a-Kind Color Options

In addition to our 15 stock colors of flakes, there are hundreds of non-stock flake colors available.

Unmatched Durability…

Typical epoxy is brittle, not UV stable, and tends to break and crack. Our polyaspartic coatings are 4 times stronger than typical epoxy, flexible, and UV stable. It is also impact and chemical resistant, AND we’re able to complete a typical garage floor coating in one day – 24 hrs back to normal use! Less down time for you! Epoxy takes 3-5 days to complete, is less durable, and costs the same. Which would you choose?

…and a Proven Process.


Proper preparation is the key to obtaining a lifetime-bonded coating. We first remove any contamination on your floor, open the pores of the concrete, and build a solid foundation to bond with our base coat.


Using our specifically designed our polyurea repair materials with maximum elasticity to help keep cracks from reappearing and damaging the coating throughout years of seasonal expansion and contraction.


Our popular Merakibase™ is a UV stable base coat that protects against discoloration from the brutal aging effects of the sun. We guarantee a strong, durable bond that will withstand heavy vehicles and foot traffic.

Decorative Flake

Choose from 15 beautiful stock colors to match your individual décor. These polymer vinyl flakes are locked between multiple layers of Valence protective coatings to provide long-lasting beauty.

Top Coat

This final step applies a plural component polyaspartic topcoat that guards against UV rays, road salts, scratches, abrasion, and most chemical stains while locking in the aesthetics of the decorative flake blend.

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