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HydroShield Protection

You’ve made a huge investment in your home, bringing granite into your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a premium quality surface that offers the highest level of strength and longevity to any room you add it to. But was it properly sealed when it was installed, or was it sealed at all? Is it starting to show marks, stains or rings? Does it feel oily or look dull and hazy in spots? Not cared for properly, your granite can get stained or lead to high replacement costs due to normal daily wear and tear.

So what about the hardware store granite sealers and cleaners? Some off the shelf cleaners will actually damage your granite, causing pitting and dulling, contain acids or alkaline and will remove the seal. Home sealers can be tough to apply, messy, and may only protect for a short amount of time.


As a licensed HydroShield dealer, we have the perfect alternative to those hardware store “solutions”. Hydroshield combines the protection of a penetrating and topical seal for outstanding performance and a smooth shiny finish. It protects from oil, grease, food stains, hard water stains. HydroShield chemically bonds to your glass, changing its molecular structure and eliminating the microscopic peaks and valleys that water beads cling to, all without changing its appearance. The finished surface is smooth and slippery, helping the granite to stay clean longer. Imagine a countertop that no longer requires harsh chemicals and intense scrubbing to keep clean. That’s what HydroShield offers! It also strengthens the surface of the granite to protect against staining. Using HydroShield, we can protect your newly installed granite and restore granite that’s been in your home for years, eliminating the need to replace and potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

  • Water beads on surface – cleaning is easy. No harsh chemicals needed.
  • 75% easier to clean
  • Eliminates need for harsh acids/chemicals that can harm the granite and seals
  • Hydroshield will not chip, peel or discolor
  • One coat application
  • Outlasts and outperforms other products on the market
  • Prevents hard water damage, staining and etching
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