Marble & Natural Stone Protection and Restoration

Marble and Natural stone are porous and readily absorb. Many installers will “seal” the stone in your home, but the quality of that sealing varies. Clear View Surface Solutions can protect your investment and the aesthetic qualities of the marble and stone in your home – your flooring, counters, shower surrounds, tabletops, patios, and stone facades. We can also provide non-fading color enhancements and finish options, including a wet look to bring out the color.


As a licensed HydroShield dealer, we can protect the natural look of your stone for years to come. Hydroshield combines the protection of a penetrating and topical seal for outstanding performance, protecting from oil, grease, food stains, hard water stains. HydroShield chemically bonds to your stone, changing its molecular structure invisibly without changing its appearance and protecting against staining. Using HydroShield, we can protect your stone while allowing it to breathe unlike off the shelf topical sealers.

  • Water beads on surface – cleaning is easy. No harsh chemicals needed.
  • 75% easier to clean
  • Eliminates need for harsh acids/chemicals that can harm the stone
  • Hydroshield will not chip, peel or discolor
  • One coat application
  • Outlasts and outperforms other products on the market
  • Prevents hard water damage, staining and etching
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