Surface Fact Check


Myth: Off the shelf grout additives can be a good substitution for sealing grout.
BUSTED: Off the shelf additives may help add flexibility to your grout, but they simply are not a substitute for sealing the grout to protect from staining and other grout issues.

Myth: Sealing my grout is not necessary.
BUSTED: Grout can be a strong surface, but due to its composition it is very susceptible to staining. The only way to prevent this staining over time to is through the use of a high-quality sealer.


Myth: Marble is durable enough on its own.
BUSTED: Marble is beautiful, but it also very porous, etches easily and is a heavy maintenance stone. For this reason, sealing marble’s surface is the only way to help protect it and slow the etching process. No sealer, including ours, will completely prevent acid etching on natural stone.

Myth: Off the shelf natural stone sealers work just fine.
BUSTED: When compared to the HydroShield sealer we use this is just not true. Most off the shelf sealers don’t seal the surface as well and require reapplication more often.


Myth: Granite is strong and does not need to be sealed.
BUSTED: Granite is a superior, strong surface that will last over time. That said, it is also a surface that you use every day and takes aggressive use. In order to truly protect your granite from staining and dulling, the only real option is to seal it. This will help prevent calcium from collecting around the faucets, dulling in high-traffic areas and staining that occurs from day to day use.

Myth: A granite sealer will change the look and feel of my granite.
BUSTED: Depending on the granite and size of its pores, most off the shelf sealers won’t penetrate the surface and never provide the protection they promise. Our sealers are the best in the industry and will not change the look or feel of your granite – they simply add a layer of protection that will maintain the original luster and shine you desire.


Myth: I squeegee my shower every day. I don’t need to seal the glass as well.
BUSTED: No matter how much you squeegee, unless you use a sealer to fill in the microscopic pits in your glass, you will see minerals and particles getting left behind. Over time, if left unprotected, this will cause etching and white clouds in your glass. The only way to prevent this is to seal the surface.

Myth: I have a water softener so I will never have hard water or staining issues.
BUSTED: A water softener definitely helps, but it will never eliminate the issues associated with water on your glass or tile. Sealing those surfaces is the only way to truly protect them from hard water deposits, etching and staining.


Myth: I have a Swiffer – that is good enough.
BUSTED: A wet Swiffer uses little moisture and is a better alternative than mopping which simply pushes dirty water around. That said, true protection still requires sealing and protecting your tile and grout.


Myth: My off the shelf sealer will protect me from any and all issues on my surfaces.
BUSTED: Regular cleaning is still very important. Our sealers provide the best protection on the market, but cleaning is still an essential part of maintaining your home. Sealing provides a surface that will be easy to clean, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, but you still need to clean to get the most out of your investment.

Myth: If my off the shelf sealer says it has a 15-year warranty, I am covered.
BUSTED: All this warranty is telling you is that the sealer won’t last longer than 15 years. The reality is, with most off the shelf sealers, the life expectancy is only 6 months to a year in a daily used shower and 1-4 years on others surface depending on the amount of wear and tear and how well you clean it over time.