Sink and Toilet Protection and Restoration

Tired of the rings on your toilets and spots in sinks that are difficult to remove? If not protected, your porcelain will lose it glossy finish and dull over time. Abrasive toilet bowl and bath cleaners can advance and accelerate the breakdown leading to costly replacement costs.



As a licensed HydroShield dealer, Clear View Surface Solutions can protect your toilets and sinks without altering the appearance of the surface. HydroShield chemically bonds to your porcelain, changing its molecular structure invisibly without changing its appearance and protecting against staining. Using HydroShield, we can protect your toilets and sinks, reducing cleaning and maintenance time by 75% and making clean up simple. Wet, Wipe and go – no more toilet bowl cleaners or heavy scrubbing!

  • Water beads on surface – cleaning is easy. No harsh chemicals needed.
  • 75% easier to clean
  • Eliminates need for harsh toilet bowl cleaners and chemicals that can harm the porcelain
  • Hydroshield will not chip, peel or discolor
  • One coat application
  • Outlasts and outperforms other products on the market
  • Prevents hard water damage, staining and etching
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